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Many people who know me understand that I am passionate about a healthier lifestyle. I have been thin, I’ve been heavy and I’ve been average. Over the years my family and friends have asked me for tips for a healthier lifestyle. I tell them that no matter what the outside body looks like it is the proper functioning of the inside that is the most important. If your car’s engine is not working properly, the health of the car is in jeopardy. The same is true for our bodies.

In America there are so many people every day that die of a drug overdose. These are mostly people who are on multiple medications and following their doctor’s advice. When it comes to my health I have always been a person who has asked, why?

• Why can’t conventional western medicine cure us of what makes us sick and diseased?
• Why does conventional western medicine medicate us instead of fixing the cause of the problem?
• Why do most people not question their doctor’s advice or at least ask what are their other options?
• Why do many conventional western medical doctors continue to use harmful and non-effective treatments and totally ignore the proven natural approach to wellness?
• Why do most conventional western medical doctors continue to prescribe medication with proven negative side effects and avoid natural therapies that have no negative side effects?
• Why do people continue to take these FDA approved medications that list side effects that are worse than the problem they are supposed to treat?



That last question makes me scratch my head the most. Most people know that news outlets like ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, are mostly paid by advertising revenue. The majority of that cash flow comes from the pharmaceutical companies. Don’t believe me?

When you have time, watch the evening news from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, or any time you can for about an hour. Get a pad and pen and write down how many commercials that are about some kind of medication and how many are about something else. The commercials for medications will have anywhere from 50-75% of the airtime. When you occupy anywhere from half to three quarters of the advertisement airtime, that is a lot of advertisement money going to those who report our news.

When people see an attractive looking advertisement about some sort of FDA approved medication over and over again, they basically become brainwashed into thinking that they need that product. I’ve told my family and friends that when those commercials come on the TV, to turn your back or close your eyes so you can’t see the commercial. Then just listen to the advertisement. You may get shocked when the commercial announcer starts rattling off the negative side effects.


For example, here are the negative side effects from the TV commercial for INTERMEZZO (A new Sleep Medication). I had to listen to this commercial like three times to get all of these down and I was able to do it within a 2 hour time frame watching the news one night. First the warnings and then the side effects:


• Do not take if you have taken any sleep medication
• Do not take if you have consumed alcohol that day
• Do not drive or operate machinery at least 4 hours after taking


• Headaches
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Oppressiveness
• Agitation
• Hallucinations
• Confusion
• Shortness of breath
• Increases depression & suicide
• Swelling of tongue or throat which can lead to death
• Eating, driving, performing activities when not fully awake and not remembering it the next day have been reported


Unfortunately people who cannot easily fall asleep will see this slick advertisement and not comprehend all of the side effects and will ask their doctor for a prescription. The sad thing is that most doctors will comply or prescribe another type of sleep medication with negative side effects.


Why not fix the cause of what is not making you fall asleep? Why risk your health with the possibility of some or most of those side effects? Come on people! Think about that!

I guess if you should get the side effect of “swelling of tongue or throat which can lead to death” is okay with you, then you will sleep good alright. So good, that you may never wake up. Why would you take that risk?

How about the risk of seriously hurting or killing someone? That last side effect is kind of scary. “Eating, driving, performing activities when not fully awake and not remembering it the next day have been reported.” Imagine how dangerous that would be if you got into the car and started driving when you are not fully awake. All of this because you cannot go to sleep? This is only one out of many prescription drugs with very bad side effects.

People, there are many safer and more effective alternatives available! Mother Nature is a great option and natural therapies do not have deadly side effects! Just because something is FDA approved doesn’t mean it is safe. If that were true then why does the FDA approve drugs that have known negative side effects? FDA approved drugs along with conventional medical procedures are the third leading cause of death in the United States behind Heart Disease and Cancer.


Any negative side effect, and there are a few, of nutritional supplements aren’t deadly. I haven’t heard of anything reported. Yet we hear and see many people dying of drug toxicity and accidental overdose, which can happen to anyone taking more than two types of prescription drugs.

I do not know of any natural therapy that is deadly. There may be a couple but in comparison to FDA approved drugs and conventional medical procedures, they are just a drop in a bucket. Many natural alternatives have been used successfully for thousands of years. Current day conventional western medicine has only really been the norm since the late 1800’s. That’s less than 200 years old.


If natural therapies are bad for you, then why are many pharmaceutical drugs based on the natural chemical healing properties of certain nutrients? Like the prescription drug Lovaza which is basically Fish Oil with chemicals added so that it can be patented. Then there is Aspirin which is based off of the pain and fever reducing qualities of Salicylic Acid, which is found in almost every fruit, vegetable and herb.


It’s easy for me to see what a sham all of this medication “Sick Care” is all about. I have un-brainwashed myself. I do not buy into the hype of the pharmaceutical companies. They are in business to make money first and foremost. They do not want you or I to be well. If you weren’t sick or diseased they cannot make any money off of you! You are basically their cash cow. You stay sick so you can get one of their many treatments that never cure the underlying problem. Then if you should get one or more of the known negative side effects, hey they have another drug treatment for that too! Your problems keep growing and so does their bank accounts. Do you really want them using you as their cash cow? As I say on my Home Page, why should you get the flu shot when more than likely you will get the flu any ways? It’s all about money and not enough about curing.

“It is better to hunt in fields for health unbought,
Than fee the doctor for a noxious draught.
The wise, for cure, on exercise depend;
God never made his work, for man to mend.” – John Dryden, 17th century English poet laureate

If you have any comments or questions about my opinions as to why so many people are sick nowadays, or you would like to share a personal health experience you have had, please leave it in the comments section below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

16 thoughts on “My Opinions

  1. николай

    Здравствуйте! Да действительно ваше мнение имеет место в вопросах лечения болезни. Я бы порекомендовал ознакомиться с теорией Василия Оконешникова ученого физика, философа о квантовой медицине, методом трансцендентальной диагностики и лечения организма человека на его блоге: Идеи его я поддерживаю. Он многих вылечил без никаких лекарств, а исправляя лишь атомы в организме.

    1. Robert Prescott Post author

      He seems to take the same approach to some of the doctors I follow here in the U.S. There are many doctors here, though they are not as widely known thanks to the censorship imposed upon their truthful knowledge by certain government and medical agencies, that realize that healing and curing the body of illness and disease starts at the cellular level and work outward instead of medications and drugs which try to heal (and mostly fail with side effects) by working from the outside and inward.

  2. Max

    Wow. This is something I’ve been saying and saying. The side effects of the drugs on those commercials is just hair-raising. I have always wondered why they put them on if they have to list all the horrible results from taking them–it never occurred to me that people might stop listening if they are busy looking at the pretty pictures. I was unaware that the percentages for medicant commercials to all others was that high.

    Thank you very much for the information. I think it’s high time people ask their doctors, when medication is prescribed for them, what all of the side effects are, instead of just blindly following their advice as if they were the new high priests of a medical religion.

    1. Robert Prescott Post author

      I agree Max. If you intend to still take these dangerous medications then at least be smart enough to ask your doctor what are the side effects, can the doctor give an alternative option and/or can the doctor give their assurances of no harm in writing…well I bet that last one would never happen. But at the very least ask the doctor of the side effects and a safe option. Because if something should happen to you the patient, the doctor cannot be held responsible. The only person to blame would be yourself for not seeking out a safer alternative. – Thanks for your comment Max.

  3. Chris

    It’s unfortunate and true that pharmacies are in it for the money first and foremost. What you said is true “if you weren’t sick or diseased they cannot make any money off of you!” of course they want you to have these side affects so they can cash in on them as well. People need to be more aware of this and wake up to the natural alternatives available to us all.

    Nature provides us with all we need.
    The sad fact ( here in Australia) is that the natural supplements can in some cases cost a lot more and be harder to get than the pharmaceutical medication that people can get a subsidy on.

    Thanks for sharing this information, it is important that this is more widely known

    1. Robert Prescott Post author

      It’s the opposite here in the U.S. with the drugs being more expensive than the supplements and the supplements are easy to get. The only problem here in the U.S. is that it is against the law to tell the truth about natural supplements. America claims to be the land of free speech but not when it comes to the truth about nutritional supplements. For example, and this is a true story, if you have a supplement that has been scientifically proven to kill cancer, the supplement manufacturer cannot make that claim in their product literature, on their website or on the supplement label. There was a company here who had a product that tripled the strength of the immune system so that it would kill cancer cells. When the company made that claim on their website and product literature the FDA and the FTC raided the company at gunpoint and seized all of the product, all of the literature, all of the hard drives and ordered the company to stop making and selling the product. Their reason was because the company was selling an illegal drug. Even though it was all natural and not a drug, the screwed laws in this country are that ONLY a drug can treat and cure a disease. So much for free speech.

      1. Chris

        Far out being raided at gun point for making a claim on their website and product literature, That is totally wrong and way over the top, so much for free speach

        1. Robert Prescott Post author

          Yup! That is how screwed up the laws are here in the U.S. on health items. You can’t even tell the truth about something that could save your life but it’s okay to promote something that could seriously harm and/or kill you under the veil of it being an FDA approved medication. That’s just totally insane! – Thanks for your comment Chris!

    1. Robert Prescott Post author

      I will always speak up about them because they are some of the most misleading advertisements out there. It used to be against the law to advertise pharmaceutical drugs on TV prior to 1990 but the pharmaceutical lobbyist paid congress to vote and approve a law that would allow them to advertise directly to the consumer via TV commercials. And of course money talks and they got their wish and then their profits tripled. Then shortly afterwards there were all of these new diseases and disorders that were all of a sudden discovered. Yeah Right! – Thanks for your comment Aviva!

  4. Mike

    Excellent article Robert, thankfully I’ve been healthy all my life and have never been on any medication.
    I work in the printing industry, and a few years ago I did work for a big pharmaceutical company, and I was constantly amazed at the side effects of some of their products. To me the side effect seemed worse than the ailment they were supposed to cure.

    1. Robert Prescott Post author

      I know of people who used to work for a couple of pharmaceutical companies that wouldn’t even take the drugs their company made because of the known dangers that they cause that ARE worse then the problems they are supposed to treat. I still can’t wrap my mind around why people would still want to take such known and dangerous medications when they don’t have to. Because their doctor told them? If a car salesperson tells you to buy a car, do you buy it on the spot or do you think about it? A doctor is no different and should be treated the same way, especially that what the doctor is telling you that you need to take can do more harm than good. – Thanks for your comment and stay healthy Mike.

  5. bali

    I like & appreciate the information.
    It is an eye-opener & a reminder about the quackery of Pharmaceutical Companies, working hand-in-glow with Medical Profession in allopathy.

    1. Robert Prescott Post author

      You are welcome Bali. With FDA approved man made pharmaceutical drugs being the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. it makes me wonder how can people be so blind to the fact that they never get cured of their problems and in many cases either get other worse problems or die. If more people would use the God given natural cures, healthcare costs would drop like a lead weight.

  6. Jean

    Now I know a major reason why prescription drugs cost so much. They have to cover the expenditure for advertisements.

    1. Robert Prescott Post author

      That is one of the reasons. Another reason is to help fight many of the lawsuits that people bring against drug companies for all of the proven negative effects that a majority will cause. But the FDA does a good job of thwarting many of the lawsuits from ever happening.


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